Thinking about the possibility of a new organ for your church?

The first thing to know is that you have options. The information here will help you understand the solutions that make sense for your situation and fit the budget that is appropriate for your church.

To understand your organ options, we can start with the organ you currently have, or a particular organ goal that you envision. Select the path you prefer:

Our Current Situation

I want to understand more about our current organ and the options for enhancing, upgrading or replacing it (click the option below that applies):

Our Future Organ

We have a vision for the organ we want and need to understand more about the options that Rodgers organs offers (click the option that describes your vision):

A Note About Budget

Maybe you have no idea what sort of budget is required for the kind of organ you have in mind.  We’ve prepared a quick overview that will give you a better sense of how various budget levels relate to different organ solutions.  From this page you’ll be able to move on to learning more about the organ options that are in a budget range that makes sense for your church.  Click here to learn more about organ budgets.