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  • Johannus 4-manual–Pre-owned


    This custom instrument was built in 1996 with the 9500 series technology. It is in very good condition. The keyboards all play well; the stops work well but could use a cleaning. All piston and combination setter functions are in order. The console sits on casters and rolls well.

    The organ has 30 audio channels each with its own internal amplifier.  Speakers are connected directly to a set of pin plugs (no speakers are included in this sale).  There is also a 6-channel line level output that can be connected to standard audio equipment.  The organ is MIDI equipped.

    This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a 4 manual console to use as is or use as a Hauptwerk controller.

    The console is 36” deep (54” with pedals and bench). It is 82” wide and is very heavy, exact weight not known.

  • SOLD — Rodgers 945–Pre-owned


    This one-owner organ has been in a residence since it was new.  Supports up to 8-channel external audio system (not included).

  • 17-rank Rodgers Pipe Package


    Complete with windchests and blowers.  Available as a kit or with complete installation and integration with your existing or new Rodgers organ.

    Chest 1

    • 8' TC Principal 61 pipes
    • 8' TC Gemshorn 73 pipes
    • 2' Superoctave 61 pipes

    Chest 2

    • 8' TC Rohrflote 73 pipes
    • IV-V Mixture 281 pipes

    Chest 3

    • 8' TC Gedackt 73 pipes
    • III-IV Scharf 232 pipes

    Chest 4

    • 4' Octave 73 pipes
    • 1 1/3' Nasat 54 pipes
    • 1 3/5 Terz 44 pipes
  • Hauptwerk Hybrid Pipe Organ


    • Customized Hauptwerk 2M console
    • 50 stops--engravings to be customized for customer's choice of HW sample set
    • 2 ranks of speaking pipes--4' Principal and 4' Flute
    • Built-in audio system for digital stops
    • This organ was previously a Rodgers model 205 hybrid pipe organ that has been completely updated with digital control technology and a Mac-based Hauptwerk virtual organ system