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Three New Rodgers Inspire Classic Organs in Organists’ Homes

Church Keyboard has completed the delivery of three new Rodgers Inspire Classic organs to Southern California residential customers in Fullerton, Costa Mesa, and Lake Hughes.  Two of the organs are the first home practice organ for the organists, and one replaces an Allen Historique.

The new two-manual Inspire Classic is built on the new DS Core technology platform that delivers the most realistic sound of wind-blown pipes yet.  The built-in audio system and two external satellite speakers effectively create the sense of a larger acoustical space in a residential environment.

Even though the Inspire Classic is the lowest-priced organ in the Rodgers line, it features the same high-powered technology and new long pipe sound samples as the larger Rodgers organs.

Using the extensive and powerful channeling and voicing controls in the DS Core software, Nelson Dodge, Church Keyboard president, has developed a custom configuration that enhances the sense of playing a pipe organ that goes well beyond the standard “factory” configuration.  “What we can achieve with this new technology is well beyond anything we’ve had in the past,” Nelson said.  “It’s a very satisfying sound I don’t get tired of hearing.  Play one and you’ll get it.”

RODGERS CLASSIC INSPIRE_Nose high side bench

The Rodgers Inspire Classic organ became available in late 2020. It has 27 stops, a total of 153 pipe organ and orchestral voices, and an AGO pedalboard.