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Two New Two-Manual Models–Rodgers 559 & 569

Two new lowest-priced two-manual Rodgers organs started shipping in June 2014.  Both feature compatibility with pipes, making it even more affordable for churches wishing to upgrade an existing older pipe organ by replacing an aging console with a state-of-the-art digital console.

A new Rodgers 559 or 569 console, built on the SSC technology platform, provides digital pipe organ sound that melds seamlessly with the existing wind-blown pipes.  Both the model 559 and 569 come with an expanded set of 32 built in orchestral voices, including strings, woodwinds, brass, handbells, piano and several more, to support a broad range of worship music styles.

Rodgers Classic 569

Rodgers Classic 569

With 27 stops and four pipe organ voices available on each stop, the models 559 and 569 have a total of 233 voices built in and available to play and use in preset combinations all the time.  The 92 pipe organ and 32 orchestral User voices also allow for “voicing” by the organist to achieve an even greater variety of tonal results.

The models 559 and 569 share the same stop list and capabilities, with the model 569 adding divided expression and five toe studs to its long list of features.  Both models come with a complete internal audio system making them a convenient option for a home practice instrument with the extensive tonal variety and flexibility to play any style of repertoire.

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