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Rodgers Infinity Organ Installed in Arcadia, CA


Dr. Vernon Snyder

The first Rodgers Infinity organ to be installed in California is enhancing worship at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Arcadia, CA, where Dr. Vernon Snyder is the music director and organist.

Neil Frederick led the effort to replace the church’s aging 2-manual organ.  Working closely with Pastor Roger Sonnenberg and Dr. Snyder, the church chose the new 3-manual Rodgers Infinity 361 for its sound and musical flexibility.

The result of the project is best expressed by Neal himself: “I just wanted to let you know how pleased our church is with the new Infinity.  It really sounds great, and Vernon is really enjoying exploring all of the resources and has a personal commitment to share with the congregation his findings.  He has used the instrumental trumpet and flute on a few occasions, and many people have a hard time believing that the sound is coming from the organ rather than a separate instrument.  I personally just want to thank you for your assisting us with the decision process and getting it to the completed state.  I think this is truly another proof of the old proverb “all things come to him who waits” as the timing of events was certainly in our favor, and the delays in our internal circumstances played in our favor giving the Infinity time to come out of production.”