Why Rodgers? Seven Reasons

Since 1958 Rodgers organs have delivered quality, value and features, and this is especially true of the Infinity and Artist organs built on the SSC technology platform and the new Inspire organs featuring Direct Streaming technology–the most advanced and powerful technology to ever power a digital organ.  There are more reasons than ever to choose a Rodgers organ for your church, synagogue, auditorium or home.

Pipe-Like Sound

First and foremost, a digital organ is evaluated by how authentically the sound of wind-blown pipes are replicated.  Thanks to several patented innovations unique to Rodgers organs, Rodgers creates an organ sound that is virtually indistinguishable from real pipes and can be fine-tuned to the acoustical dynamics of your room using some of the most powerful voicing controls of any digital organ today.

With more organs installed in Southern and Central California than any other builder, there is a Rodgers organ near you that can be auditioned to hear what can be achieved.

Universal Pipe Compatibility

Beginning in the 1970s Rodgers pioneered effective hybrid combination organs, where electronically generated sound plays seamlessly with wind-blown pipes.  This uniquely distinguishes Rodgers as the experienced builder of both digital and pipe organs.  This legacy informs the current generation of Rodgers organs, making a Rodgers hybrid organ a cost-effective–and the easiest–way to renew and expand an existing pipe organ.

Rodgers organs are pipe compatible by design, with no customization required.  The Rodgers state-of-the-art pipe interface controller is field programmable, enabling any Rodgers console to be interfaced to your existing pipe organ quickly and easily on site.  This means that any Rodgers console can be connected to pipes (new or existing) at any time, now or in the future.  Additionally, the extensive voicing controls for the digital pipe voices enable us to create a truly seamless blend between the pipes and digital sound.

But successful pipe+digital hybrid organs is not just about great technology.  Having built hybrid organs since the 1970s under the leadership of Dr. Robert Tall, and continuing now with Nelson Dodge, Church Keyboard Center has more hybrid organs throughout Southern & Central California playing more ranks of pipes than any other digital or pipe organ builder.

Unsurpassed Capabilities & Features

Every Rodgers organ comes fully loaded with capabilities and features–no feature or capability is optional–you get them all.  From the lowest-priced model to the flagship Infinity models, the rich feature set provides powerful performance and configuration capabilities that organists of all levels need and appreciate.  Every Rodgers console is built to AGO specifications, including the standard 32-note AGO pedal board.

Additionally, Rodgers organs feature unique capabilities such as Voice Palette and Library Voices that make Rodgers the most tonally versatile digital organ available.  In addition to over 100 additional configurable pipe organ voice options, every Rodgers organ comes with the most popular orchestral and non-organ voices used in worship and performance, built in and easy to use.

To aid organists in maximizing the value and use of the extensive tonal options in each Rodgers organ, Church Keyboard Center created and published the Power Player’s Guide for Rodgers and Roland Organs.  Please refer to the product specs on this web site for specific features and capabilities for each organ model.

Construction and Component Quality

Rodgers organs are built with state-of-the-art materials and exhaustively tested in extreme environmental conditions to ensure a lifetime of reliable performance, anywhere in the world.  All materials are RoHS2 compliant, as required of electronic products sold in  California.  Rodgers electronics are CSA certified (recognized worldwide).  Even Rodgers shipping packaging is ISTA certified, ensuring that every Rodgers organ arrives at our showroom in pristine condition.

Velocity sensing keyboards–standard on every Rodgers organ–feature a quality pipe organ feel, and never need adjustment.  German-built UHT keyboards are available on Infinity models and are among the best-engineered pipe organ keyboards in the world.  With UHT keyboards, choices of fine wood surfaces can turn your Rodgers Infinity organ into a work of art.

With quality engineered into the design and performance of every organ, it’s not surprising that Rodgers provides a 10-year warranty.

Technology Leadership

At the core of the Infinity and Artist models is a powerful SSC sound engine: the “Sound System on a Chip” proprietary music processor chip developed by Roland Corp.  This state-of-the-art technology is completely software driven.  Software updates are simple and add capabilities and features over the lifetime of your organ.

The new Direct Streaming technology platform developed by the Global Organ Group powers the Inspire models, and is the most powerful hardware and software platform found in any digital organ available today.

Fully Integrated MIDI Interface

Rodgers was the first organ builder to integrate into its organs when MIDI was an emerging technology in 1980s.  Today, every Rodgers organ continues to feature the most highly-integrated MIDI interface (it’s completely built-in to the organ controls and software), making MIDI easy and seamless to use when desired.

Lifetime Support

When you choose Rodgers, in addition to the unequaled value a Rodgers organ represents, you get the commitment of Church Keyboard Center and Rodgers Instruments for a lifetime of support.  Support comes in many forms: organist training, educational workshops, organ service, concert promotion, and more.

Keeping your organ performing like the day it was new is our goal for every client.  Church Keyboard Center provides factory authorized service when needed.  Rodgers Instruments supports us with an online technical information database covering every Rodgers organ ever built and over $2 million in parts inventory.  Our experienced technicians can service any Rodgers organ to ensure a lifetime of quality performance.