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Welcome to the New Rodgers Infinity Organs

Rodgers Infinity organs are the new line of premium consoles that replace the Masterpiece Series. You will recognize many of the operational features of Masterpiece in an Infinity console, plus Infinity debuts many new features. What isn’t new, of course, is the warm Rodgers sound that replicates the sound of wind-blown pipes. At the heart of Infinity is the powerful all-new SSC sound technology.

Infinity sets a new standard for the cost/benefit of a modern digital classical organ:

  • Increased tonal variety and flexibility for nuanced registration of any repertoire
  • More built in pipe organ and orchestral voices than ever (see Specs)
  • The most powerful and feature rich digital sound generation platform ever made (see About SSC)
  • The most extensive tonal controls that enable voicing each installation for aesthetic preferences and acoustical requirements
  • A competitively priced state-of-the-art pipe organ console that expands an existing pipe organ with substantial digital tonal resources with complete voicing flexibility to create a seamless ensemble of pipe and digital voices (see Pipe Organ Console Replacement)
  • Minimized maintenance due to substantially reduced hardware components
  • Reengineered AGO pedalboard for ultra reliability
  • Many additional new features (see What’s New)

We invite you to explore the links to the right to learn all about Infinity. The Rodgers Infinity 361 may be auditioned at the Church Keyboard Center showroom.  For organ committees wishing to hear Infinity in a church setting, a visit to a nearby church may be arranged.  Please contact Nelson Dodge at 909 599 7899 to schedule an Infinity demonstration.