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Rodgers Infinity 361

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  • Rodgers Infinity 361

Features and Description

Rodgers Infinity organs are built on a state-of-the-art technology platform with capabilities and value that are unequaled.  The expanded tonal palette provides the versatility to support all styles of worship and concert music.  From classical organ repertoire to contemporary praise and gospel music, Infinity is the ultimate modern organ with the flexibility to easily achieve any traditional and orchestral sounds you desire.

Each Infinity organ comes with the Power Player’s Guide for Rodgers and Roland Organs, written by Church Keyboard Center President Nelson Dodge, that explains how to fully exploit the power of Infinity.  With Infinity, Rodgers continues its legacy of integrating digital consoles with pipe organs--an Infinity pipe+digital hybrid organ represents the most cost-effective alternative to a large pipe organ.  You can hear the difference...

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Infinity organs are available with upgrade options for keyboards and draw knobs--click here to see a summary of options.

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Combination Memory (Internal & External)

  • Generals: 12
  • Divisionals: 5 Great, 5 Swell, 5 Choir, 5 Solo, 5 Pedal
  • Toe studs: 24
  • Internal memory levels: 99
  • External USB storage: up to 2,574 memory levels per USB stick

Console Design

  • Mechanical OR lighted drawknobs
  • UHT wood-core OR Rodgers "Ivory Feel" velocity sensing keyboards
  • Standard or tracker touch keys
  • 32-note velocity sensing AGO pedalboard
  • Four-way adjustable lighted music desk
  • Locking rolltop
  • Adjustable bench with music storage
  • All LED console lighting with dimmer control

Console Features & Controls

  • +5/-6 transposer for real-time performance or playback of song data files
  • Thumb piston and toe stud sequencer (Next, Previous)
  • Memory level +/- pistons
  • Tuning control: +/- 50 cents (automatic in hybrid pipe+digital installations)
  • Headphone jack included for silent practice
  • Organ Type piston instantly activates American Eclectic, English Cathedral, French Romantic or German Baroque stops, with no loss of ability to select from the entire stoplist
  • Historic temperaments: 9
  • Melody and Bass couplers
  • Expression: Great/Choir, Swell/Solo
  • Great/Pedal enclosed piston (reversible)
  • Programmable kick switch (on Great expression shoe)
  • Crescendo (programmable)
  • Easy-to-read central LCD screen for menu controls - see complete list of user menu controls

Audio System

  • Configurations up to 20-channels with 40 speakers (or more)
  • Rodgers RSS Room Modeling ambiance system adds a configurable amount of reverberation for rooms lacking adequate natural reverberation
  • Main Off tab control--turns off main audio system
  • Antiphonal On tab control--turns on antiphonal audio system
  • Pipes Off tab control--turns off pipes (in hybrid pipe+digital installations)
  • Ancillary On tab control--enables playing digital voices for all pipe stops

System Configuration / Controls

  • User-customizable functions for thumb pistons, toe pistons, and rocker tabs
  • Adjustable zimbelstern, tremulants, crescendo sequence, and tutti registration

Record/Playback & Hymn Player

  • Built-in record/playback system
  • Onboard song memory
  • Save and load functions for USB song storage
  • Hymn Player with 350 popular hymn tunes including prelude & verse, with the ability to change the tempo, volume, key, and stop registration (Hymn Tune List)


  • Digital interface connects to a Rodgers pipe driver system to play new or existing pipe configurations
  • MIDI In/Out interfaces to an external sound module or other MIDI-capable equipment
  • Audio line in (stereo left & right)
  • Audio line out (stereo left & right)


Product Specifications

  • 3 manuals / 59 stops + chimes & zimbelstern
  • Five divisions: Great / Swell / Choir / Solo (floating) / Pedal
  • 135 Voice Palette voices
  • 121 Library pipe organ voices
  • 59 Library orchestral voices
  • 376 voices total


  • 3 manuals / 59 stops + chimes & zimbelstern
  • Five divisions: Great / Swell / Choir / Solo (floating) / Pedal
  • 135 Voice Palette voices
  • 121 Library pipe organ voices
  • 59 Library orchestral voices
  • 376 voices total

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