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Features and Description

The Studio 170 has its own, unique character. The clean lines of the organ’s cabinet give it a modern and fresh look, while its new audio system provides a beautifully clear reproduction of the 28 pipe organ voices.

The organ is equipped with four unique organ styles, each with unique voices. These enable you to choose between Romantic, Symphonic, Baroque and Historical samples. Switch effortlessly between the different styles to create countless combinations.  Click here to view the Studio 170 brochure and specs..

The Studio 170 uses Panning technology that allows us to get closer to reproducing the pipe organ sound. The technology is used to tell the organ where the organ pipe is located. The organ has twelve preset reverb programs. You can add all kinds of acoustics to your playing: imagine you are performing in a tiny chapel, a modern church or a large cathedral.

The compact Studio 170 organ fits in any home and is ideal for the beginning and experienced organists alike.  Its 30-note pedal board, 28 voices and two manuals enable  practicing and performing a broad array of organ literature, with the benefit of a space-saving footprint.

Product Specifications


Loudspeakers 5
Reverb channels 2.1
Amplifiers 2
Bass amplifier 1
Total 330 Watt


Romantic voices 28
Symphonic voices 28
Baroque voices 28
Historical voices 28


Manuals (church organ touch) 2
Bellows simulator
Organ volume (infinitely variable)
ASR-12: 12 unique reverbs (stereo 3D, infinitely variable)
Virtual Pipe Positioning (VPP™)
Digitally Equalized Audio System (DEA™)
Physiological tone control
Dynamic Chiff
PIPElife Tuning™


Transposer, pitch and memory

Easy menu

Demo songs
Historical temperaments 11
Programmable toucher
Programmable MIDI


PP-P-MF-F-FF-T-PL (programmable)
0 (recall/cancel)
Generals 400


30-note raco (C-f')
30-note straight (C-f') optional
30-note concave (C-f') optional


Height (with music rack) 53.5 in (136 cm)
Width 51.1 in (130 cm)
Depth (with 30-note raco pedal) 38.2 in (97 cm)

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