Organ Solution: Pipe+Digital Hybrid

Although Rodgers has been creating successful pipe+digital hybrid organs for over thirty years, many people are surprised to learn that pipes and digital can be combined into a seamless pipe+digital hybrid organ.  For those who desire a pipe organ but don’t have a six- or seven-figure organ budget, a hybrid organ is the optimal solution that gives you the advantages of both:

  • Pipes–enjoy the visual and tonal beauty of pipes to the extent your budget allows–as few as four to six ranks makes a substantial contribution to the tonal result of a hybrid organ
  • Digital–enjoy the economy and reliability that digital technology affords, while adding a large amount of equivalent digital pipe ranks to create an organ of sufficient size to fulfill your musical goals

The hybrid organ is also a smart solution for older existing pipe organs with a failing console and/or where the small size of the organ is limiting or inadequate for the current musical needs of the church.

Rodgers state-of-the-art pipe organ interface system enables any Rodgers console to be connected to any existing pipe organ.  The total investment for a Rodgers console and the pipe organ interface is often comparable to other alternatives, such as rebuilding the pipe organ console or building a new pipe organ console.  With a Rodgers console and new pipe interface, you end up with a larger instrument (more total voices with the pipes plus the digital voices), and one that is eminently more versatile with many more pipe organ and orchestral voices that the Rodgers console adds to your pipe organ.

Annual maintenance expense is optimized with a hybrid organ.  Pipes require periodic tuning–a typical schedule is to tune with each change of season.  For example, a 40-rank pipe organ will be much more costly to tune and maintain than a hybrid organ with the equivalent of 80 digital ranks and only 10 ranks of pipes that require periodic tuning.  And, in this example, the hybrid organ is more than twice the size of the pipe organ, but a fraction of the annual maintenance cost that the pipe organ requires.

Church Keyboard Center has more experience creating pipe+digital hybrid organs, and more hybrid organs throughout Southern and Central California, then any other organ builder in the region.  Understanding the options for your church begins with a conversation about your musical goals and a survey of your existing pipe organ (if applicable).

Rodgers’ state-of-the-art digital technology, both in our consoles and the pipe organ interface, offers a number of advantages compared to other currently available digital organs:

  • Achieve your goal quickly–for an existing pipe organ, the conversion to a hybrid organ can be accomplished quickly and with minimal lead time and disruption.  The entire process–replacing the console and connecting the interface to the pipe organ is usually completed within one to three weeks, with no downtime for Sunday services.  All Rodgers organ consoles are pipe compatible, no customization is required.   When ordering a new console from the factory, the lead time from order to delivery ranges from two to four weeks.
  • Greatest flexibility–Rodgers organ consoles provide the ultimate flexibility and control of your pipe organ–no custom programming or special software required.  All of the configuring to play the pipes is accomplished in the system menus built into the console.  Any new or pre-owned Rodgers console available from Church Keyboard Center may be interfaced to pipes at any time.
  • State-of-the-art digital interface–the Rodgers Pipe Integration Manager (PIM), introduced in 2012, is our new  pipe controller that interfaces the Rodgers console to the pipes.  The PIM is field programmable, enabling us to easily interface to any amount of pipework and make changes as needed or desired.
  • The most powerful voicing capability–voicing the digital pipe voices is critical to the success of a hybrid organ: the digital voices must blend seamlessly with the pipe stops.  A Rodgers digital organ is easily voiced to achieve this goal.  The new SSC-based Rodgers organs have the most extensive voicing control of any digital organ available today, enabling blending digital voices with pipe stops with great precision and subtlety, note by note.  Please ask us to demonstrate this ability.

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To discuss the possibilities for a pipe+digital hybrid organ for your church, or the options for enhancing your existing pipe organ, please call 909-599-7899 and ask for Nelson Dodge.