Organ Solution: New Digital Organ

Infinity-361-mechanicalDigital organ technology has evolved tremendously since it first appeared in the 1970s.  Processing power and memory have increased exponentially with each iteration of the technology.  With each generational advance, quality and quantity of organ sound has improved.

The current generation of Rodgers organs are built on the powerful SSC technology platform, introduced in 2011.  These organs offer the most advanced, feature-rich digital technology available in a modern organ today.  From the smallest to the largest models, the sound of a new Rodgers organ is virtually indistinguishable from the sound of actual organ pipes.

Rodgers organs offer many unique advantages:

  • Tonal Versatility–Rodgers organs offer an extensive selection of pipe organ and orchestral voices that ranges from five to more than eight times the number of stops on the console, depending on the specific model.  This extensive selection of voices is built in and available to the organist all of the time.  This enables unlimited versatility and creativity in the range of sound that is instantly available to the organist.  From a performance perspective, this is the power of SSC.  For example, the smallest Rodgers Classic model 559 has 27 stops that access a total of 235 voices–over eight times the number of stops.  This is a level of capability and value that is unequaled in the market today.
  • The Most Powerful Voicing Capability–the powerful built-in tonal controls  enable voicing a Rodgers organ for the specific aesthetic preferences and acoustical requirements of your church.  The subtleties we achieve with these powerful controls–on a note-by-note level–are what make the difference between a digital organ that sounds “electronic” and one that evokes the sound and feeling of a pipe organ.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology & Software–The Rodgers SSC platform is  completely software driven, meaning that all of the features and capabilities in the organ, including all the voicing and other configuration controls, exist 100% in software.  All of the software controls are built in to the console and accessed via menus in the console display–no external software or devices are needed for configuring the organ set up and voicing.  This state-of-the-art hardware/software architecture will benefit you throughout the life of the organ.  Periodic software updates add features and capabilities.  A software update is easily accomplished in 15 to 20 minutes using the USB port on the front of the organ.
  • Powerful, Proprietary Processor–the SSC processor hardware and operating system software are 100% proprietary: owned and developed by Rodgers and Roland (Rodgers parent company), with a large staff of hardware and software engineers continually developing new features.  Click here to read more about SSC.
  • Pipe Compatibility–Every Rodgers organ is pipe organ compatible by design (it’s built in to the operating system software and hardware).  This means that an Rodgers console can replace a failing pipe organ console without any special customization, or pipes may be added (or interfaced) at any time, with no need to retrofit the console with new or customized software.  Click here to learn more about Rodgers pipe+digital hybrid organs.
  • Ultimate Reliability–the greatly reduced quantity of hardware components inside a Rodgers SSC console assures higher reliability and minimized maintenance requirements over the life of the organ: there are simply fewer components that could ever fail and require replacing.

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The Pre-owned Digital Organ Option

A pre-owned Rodgers digital organ is an alternative to a brand new organ.  All pre-owned organs offered by Church Keyboard Center are digital models, typically between five and fifteens years old.  With a Rodgers Preferred pre-owned organ you can expect decades of dependable service.

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