New Pipe Organs

One of the questions we’re asked frequently is “do churches still buy pipe organs?”  The answer is: of course.  There are a few churches that have the ability to purchase a new pipe organ from a major builder, usually requiring an investment in the high hundreds of thousands and often well over a million dollars.

If your church does not have a million-plus budget, Church Keyboard Center has options for a new pipe organ for a more modest budget without having to compromise the size of the organ.  This is accomplished with a hybrid pipe organ, a technology that Rodgers pioneered forty years ago, and is now broadly recognized as a reliable and proven solution.  The thousands of hybrid organs around the world are evidence of this success.  If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a hybrid pipe organ, click here for a more detailed explanation.

Here’s a few examples of the hybrid possibilities:

2-manual Rodgers console with 47 ranks

  • 2 ranks wind-blown pipes / 45 ranks digital pipes
  • Starting around $90,000 (including installation)
  • Typical pipe ranks are: 8′ Principal and 8′ Bourdon or 4′ Octave

3-manual Rodgers console with 50 ranks

  • 4 ranks wind-blown pipes / 46 ranks digital pipes
  • starting around $150,000 (including installation)
  • Typical pipe ranks are: 8′ Principal, 4′ Octave, 8′ Bourdon and 8′ Gemshorn

3-manual Rodgers console with 77 ranks

  • 6 ranks wind-blown pipes / 71 ranks digital pipes
  • starting around $230,000 (including installation)
  • Typical pipe ranks are: 8′ Principal, 4′ Octave, 8′ Rohr Flute, 4′ Spitz Flute, 8′ Gemshorn and 2 2/3′ Quint

Each of the above examples includes all new equipment.  The wind-blown pipes are unenclosed with a layout custom-designed to fit your space and maximize the visual impact of the pipe organ.

What if your church already has a pipe organ, but it is not working well?

An aging pipe organ is a potentially a good candidate for creating a hybrid pipe organ by replacing a failing console with a new digital console and updating the pipe control system.  In addition to renewing your pipe organ, this often substantially enlarges the organ.

For example, if your existing pipe organ has 15 ranks of pipes, adding the smallest 2-manual console noted above triples the size of the the organ to 47 ranks–15 wind-blown pipe ranks with 32 digital pipe ranks.  Not only will your organ be renewed, it will sound fuller and have much more musical versatility.

Exploring your options for an existing pipe organ begins with an inspection, which we do at no charge.  We’ll then be able to advise on the range of options that are possible.