Organ Solution: Console Rebuilding & Adding Digital Stops

When your pipe organ has a console with older technology that has become unreliable, but the console has special or historical significance, rebuilding the console with a current state-of-the-art control system is often the preferred solution.  A competent pipe organ technician should be contracted for such a project.

In some instances, adding additional pipe ranks may be desirable.  When space and/or budget does not permit the addition of pipes, consider the advantages of adding Rodgers “digital pipes.”

Church Keyboard Center will collaborate with your pipe organ technician to interface your console with the Rodgers Pipe Integration Manager that enables adding digital pipe voices of your choice.  We have complete voicing control of the digital voices–the same as with a Rodgers console.  The final result will be a seamless blending of pipes and digital, just like any Rodgers hybrid organ.