Options for Analog & Older Digital Organs

Analog Technology

Analog technology is obsolete, having been superseded decades ago by digital technology. Nevertheless, many organs built with analog technology continue to be used in churches every week. If your analog technology organ is over 30 years old, it is prudent to begin planning for its eventual replacement.

Ignoring the age and condition of your organ for the moment, the single biggest reason for replacing an analog organ is the tremendous improvement in sound quality that comes with a new or newer Rodgers digital organ, and the considerable increased tonal flexibility and options it offers.

Although analog technology is obsolete, these organs can still be serviced and maintained. Church Keyboard Center provides factory authorized service for all Rodgers organs. The annual cost of servicing an analog organ can become increasingly costly with age, and at some point the cost/benefit of continuing to maintain such an old organ becomes questionable.

We have prepared a Special Advisory: Maximizing the Life of a Rodgers Analog Technology Organ. This report explains the considerations involved in maintaining the health and functionality of an analog technology organ and provides suggestions for planning for the future. Please call us to receive a copy of the Special Advisory.
Digital Technology

Digital technology first appeared in church organs in the 1970s. These first digital organs were big news after decades of “electronic” organs built with tube and solid-state analog technology. Nevertheless, these early digital organs now seem primitive compared to the power, features, capabilities, and, most of all, the realistic pipe-like sound of a modern Rodgers digital organ.

Properly cared for, a digital organ could theoretically last indefinitely. However, the continual advances of the technology and improvements in sound quality and features suggest a realistic life span of thirty to forty years. The dramatic improvement in organ sound, features, reliability and upgradability offered by the current Rodgers organs with state-of-the-art digital technology are compelling reasons to update your organ.

New Organ Options

The options for replacing an analog or older digital organ include the following (click on the image to learn more):

New Digital OrganPre-owned Digital OrganPipe+Digital Hybrid Organ

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