Johannus Studio 370–3-manual value

The new Johannus Studio 370 home practice organ model delivers a lot of value in a rather compact package.  With a footprint of only 57″ x 39″ you get a three-manual, 37-stop organ with a self-contained audio system and plenty of memory for combinations.

Additionally, there are four complete organs built in: the Romantic style organ is the default, and you can quickly change to a Symphonic (French), Baroque (German) or Historic (Dutch) style organ.

“The focus of the Studio 370 is on basic functionality and value,” said Nelson Dodge, Church Keyboard Center president.  “This organ is priced amazingly low because you’re not paying for any extraneous features that don’t add value: the case is as simple as possible and finished in a durable, good looking but low cost melamine material with a choice of four wood colors.  The quality is in the keyboards and pedal action, audio system and sophisticated operating system that provides the essential features needed in a practice organ.”

The Johannus Studio 370 can be auditioned at Church Keyboard Center by appointment.

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