About the SSC Technology Platform

At the heart of every new Rodgers organ is the all-new Sound System on a Chip (SSC) technology platform.  This proprietary processor chip is the result of millions of dollars invested in R&D by the Roland Co.

The main "board" in a Rodgers organ containing the SSC "chips"

The main “board” in a Rodgers organ powered by the proprietary SSC “chips”

SSC clearly positions Rodgers as the technology leader.  It combines the Central Processing Unit (CPU), Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and memory that stores the pipe organ sound data (“samples”) on the same chip, reducing by several magnitudes the amount of hardware components and wiring required to build even the largest digital organ model.

All of a Rodgers organ’s functions and features are based in the software operating system that runs on the SSC platform, and is easily upgraded from time to time.  Software upgrades add features and options, such as the wireless capability that was added to the Rodgers Infinity models in January 2015.

SSC is state-of-the-art design, analogous to the technology advances experienced in personal computers, cell phones, and so on.  With each significant advancement in these ubiquitous technology products, the physical size and complexity of the product is noticeably reduced at the same time that the power and capabilities are multiplied.  This is exactly what SSC does for the digital organ: magnitudes more power and capability with a fraction of the hardware.

It is unique in the classical organ industry.