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New Custom Monarke for All Saints by-the-Sea, Santa Barbara

Starting in 2012, All Saints by-the-Sea Episcopal Church (Santa Barbara) has been planning a major reconstruction of the church to bring the building up to current seismic standards.  Originally built in 1900, engineering consultants had advised that the sanctuary and bell tower would not survive a significant earthquake.

The construction involved a nearly complete demolition of the sanctuary floor and walls, adding a new foundation, new steel reinforcements throughout the structure, and ultimately rebuilding the sanctuary to look as if nothing changed.

A key part of the project included replacing the 1970s-era 70+ rank pipe organ that was failing and had been challenged by the poor acoustics of the sanctuary, with its low ceiling supported by beautiful wood arches that effectively inhibited the sound of the organ from adequately reaching the far ends of the sanctuary.

Church Keyboard was invited to present a proposal for a new organ in late 2018 and a contract was entered into in February 2019 to design and install a custom Monarke digital organ of 84 stops, equivalent to 96 ranks.  A hybrid pipe organ approach was considered, but the overwhelming acoustical situation led to the choice of an all-digital instrument that could more effectively overcome these challenges.

Nelson Huber, the recently retired music director and organist at All Saints, was retained as consultant and artistic director for the design of the new organ.

All Saints construction

An October 2019 view of the Chancel area at All Saints by-the-Sea Santa Barbara with framing for the new floor in the rear of the Nave visible and before new foundation construction for the front portion of the Nave and Chancel.

Installation of the Monarke organ started in September 2020, and proceeded at a slow but steady pace, coordinating with the general construction schedule.  The installation included 73 speakers: a 46-speaker main audio system in a specially prepared space behind the Chancel, a 9-speaker antiphonal speaker system at the rear of the Nave for the Solo division, and a 16-speaker system spread throughout the Nave to enable hearing the organ at a consistent sound level regardless of where one is seated.

Installing the Nave monitor speakers at All Saints by-the-Sea, Santa Barbara for the new Monarke organ

Installing the Nave monitor speakers at All Saints by-the-Sea, Santa Barbara for the new Monarke organ

The new Monarke organ debuted on July 4, 2021, in a joyful first church service back in the newly rebuilt sanctuary–celebrating both the ability to worship in-person following the pandemic and the completion of this years-long reconstruction of All Saints by-the-Sea.

L to R: Nelson Huber, organ consultant, Stephen Johnson, interim music director, and Nelson Dodge.

L to R: Nelson Huber, organ consultant, Steven Thomson, interim music director, and Nelson Dodge with the new Monarke organ console, All Saints by-the-Sea, Santa Barbara.

The newly reconstructed All Saints by-the-Sea Episcopal Church.

The newly reconstructed All Saints by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, Santa Barbara CA.

The All Saints Monarke organ is the first in the world that with the DS Core technology developed by the Global Organ Group that features long sound samples of a wind-blown pipe for every note of every stop.  The console has keyboards with Grenadilla wood naturals and Maple wood sharps built by ULRICH HERMANN TASTATURBAU (UHT) of Orlishausen, Germany.

The new custom Monarke organ console at All Saints by-the-Sea, Santa Barbara on a rolling platform built by Church Keyboard Center.

The new custom Monarke organ console at All Saints by-the-Sea, Santa Barbara on a rolling platform built by Church Keyboard Center.

Monarke Organ Specification, All Saints by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, Santa Barbara


Open Diapason        16’

Diapason                   8’

Principal                    8’

Flûte Harmonique    8’

Stopped Flute           8’

Gemshom                  8’

Gemshom Celeste   8’

Octave                        4’

Open Flute                4’

Quinte                        2 2/3’

Super Octave            2’

Mixture                       IV

Scharff                       III

Contra Tromba         16’

Tromba                       8’

Trompette en Chamade     8’





Principal                    8’

Bourdon                    8’

Viola di Gamba         8’

Erzahler                     8’

Erzahler Celeste      8’

Octave                        4’

Rohrflute                   4’

Nazard                       2 2/3’

Fifteenth                    2’

Larigot                        1 1/3’

Piccolo                       1’

Mixture                       II

Bass Clarinet            16’

Clarinet                      8’

Cromorne                  8’

English Tuba            8’



Violone                      16’

Geigen Principal      8’

Claribel Flute            8’

Rohrflute                   8’

Salicional                  8’

Voix Celeste             8’

Prestant                     4’

Koppelflute               4’

Flute Twelfth             2 2/3’

Waldflute                   2

Tierce                         1 3/5’

Plein Jeu                   IV

Contra Trumpet        16’

Trumpet                     8’

Vox Humana            8’

Oboe                          8’

Clarion                       4’


SOLO (floating)

Montre                        16’

Principal                    8’

Doppelflute               8’

Gamba                       8’

Gamba Celeste        8’

Octave                        4’

Doublette                   2’

Cornet                        V

French Horn             8’

Contra Bombarde    16’

Bombarde                  8’

Clarion                       4’

Trompette en Chamade     8’



Contra Violone         32’

Contra Diapason     32’

Contra Bourdon       32’

Diapason                   16’

Subbass                    16’

Lieblich Gedackt      16’

Violone                      16’

Quintaton                  16’

Octavebass               8’

Gedackt                     8’

Choralbass               4’

Mixture                       IV

Bombarde                  32’

Contra Posaune      16’

Fagotte                       16’

Basson                      16’

Trumpet                     8’

Clarion                       4’