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FREE Satellite Speakers with Rodgers Inspire Organs ordered in 2021

While supplies last!  We’re giving a free set of satellite speakers (including the optional 2-channel amplifier) with Rodgers Inspire 227 and 343 organs ordered during 2021.  A $900 value.

RODGERS CLASSIC INSPIRE_Nose high side benchThe Inspire 227 organ is already the best-sounding 2M organ ever built by Rodgers.  The satellite speakers just make it even better sounding.

Just in the three months or so that this new model has been available, we’ve already sold three.  The new DS Core technology platform in the Inspire models is what creates the incredible pipe realism you hear… a little magic in how we configure the organ in your home.

Click here to download the complete specifications for the Inspire 227.

Johannus Studio Organ–Best Seller

2020 was certainly full of surprises.  With churches shut down due to the pandemic, many organists decided it was time to get a practice organ for their home.  The Johannus Studio 2M and 3M organs became our best-selling model, with eleven sold to individuals and a couple of small chapels (so far).

Johannus Studio 370

Johannus Studio 370

Some special pricing helped make it easier for many to get a new organ.  We continue to have special pricing available this year.  The price for the Studio 170 2M under $10K.

The Studio organ requires the least floor space of any of our organs.  This is accomplished with a 30-note pedalboard, which makes it smaller than a full AGO pedalboard.  However, the spacing of the 30 pedals is very close to the spacing on a regular AGO pedalboard and much more comfortable and familiar to play than other “compact” pedalboards.  Click here to download a diagram that shows how the Studio pedalboard compares with an AGO pedalboard.