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Versatile Organ Keyboards for Gigging Organists

Church Keyboard offers two new portable organ keyboards that open many possibilities for organists who do freelance gigs in a variety of locations that do not typically have an organ.  Expand your “repertoire” of income-producing opportunities.

We’re pleased to present these new workhorses for professional organists: the Johannus One and Dexibell L3.  These are essentially the same keyboard with identical features, but each with its own unique stop list.

As a traveling organist with organ keyboard, here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Worship services on location–Easter sunrise and other occasional services in non-traditional locations can still have the inspiring sound of traditional organ….plus much more.
  • Garden weddings–the classic outdoor wedding calls for a variety of musical styles.  These keyboards enable providing the familiar wedding marches while also supporting piano repertoire and other contemporary music requests.
  • Funeral chapels–with most funeral chapels lacking an organ, the Johannus One and Dexibell L3 come to the rescue when quality organ music is desired.
  • Choir room–when you want to rehearse the choir with the organ….except you need to do it in the choir room.
  • Touring chorale–for touring choral groups that perform in a wide variety of venues, these keyboards provide consistent and predictable performance support.
  • Church conference at a hotel–patch these keyboards into the sound system for the event and you can effectively lead a ballroom full of people in singing the great hymns.
  • Teaching–perfect for introducing piano students to the sound of the organ, and starting to develop keyboard technique.
  • Music festivals & street performances–do your thing…Bach will sound great!
  • Home enjoyment and practice–when you’re not out doing any of the above, you can just have fun at home.  Plus, all your combinations that you work out and save are available when you’re “on the road.”

We usually have both of these keyboards in stock to demo* and purchase.  Pricing** is:

  • Johannus One – $3,199
  • Dexibell L3 – $2,499

*Demos by appointment in the Monrovia showroom–please call 909-599-7899 to schedule

**Incentives available for AGO members

As noted above, the only difference between the Johannus One and Dexibell L3 is the stop list.  Click here to view a comparison of the two stop lists.

What about pedals?

The most common question we get is: can a pedal board be connected?  Yes–most MIDI pedal boards are compatible….if you really need to go there.  The two pedal stops on these keyboards automatically play the bottom note that you’re playing.  In the spirit of maximizing mobility and minimizing set-up time, think about using this feature that “plays” the pedals, but without the expense and logistics of traveling with a pedal board.  After all, a pedal board that is anywhere near a full-size AGO pedal board is not mobile.  Let your fingers do the work!

Johannus One Organ Keyboard

Johannus One Organ Keyboard

Dexibell L3 Organ Keyboard

Dexibell L3 Organ Keyboard