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Global Organ Group Expands Distribution in US

When the Global Organ Group acquired Rodgers Instruments in January 2016, Church Keyboard Center was one of a handful of Rodgers dealers that added representation for the Group’s Johannus brand organs, manufactured in The Netherlands.  Now, with the demonstrated success of the multi-brand dealership, Global Organ Group is expanding this model to all of the U.S. Rodgers and Johannus dealers.

Although Church Keyboard Center has already been providing sales and service for both Rodgers and Johannus organs for the past three years, this move also includes the addition of representation for the other Global Organ Group brands Makin and Copeman-Hart.

We are privileged to have been part of the initial phase of working out the multi-brand strategy, and look forward to continued growth as we offer the broadest available range of organ models and types.

Both Rodgers and Johannus are aggressively advancing with development of new organ models.  The three-manual model in the new Rodgers Inspire line starts shipping this month, and later this summer we anticipate the arrival of the new Johannus three-manual LiVE 3T AGO, a more compact version of the LiVE III.

The four Global Organ Group brands represent distinctly different approaches to designing a church organ.  These distinctions will continue to define each of the brands and enable us to respond to a broad variety of organist preferences.  Here are just some of the highlights that distinguish our four lines:


  • American style organ inspired by the American Eclectic style
  • Full-featured consoles
  • AGO specs
  • Very flexible audio configurations


  • European style organ inspired by centuries of organ building
  • Base console configurations with many options for upgrading and customizing
  • AGO and European pedal options


  • Traditional English sound
  • English console configuration


  • Completely custom designed English styled cathedral organs
  • Highest quality sound with extensive audio systems
Atlanta GOG meeting

Global Organ Group dealer meeting in Atlanta, April 2019–L to R: Danilo Carbajal, Rodgers Instruments marketing manager; John Moesbergen, Rodgers Instruments CEO; Nelson Dodge, Church Keyboard Center president; Marco van de Weerd, Global Organ Group CEO; Barb McKee, Rodgers executive assistant; Sam Eberwein, Rodgers & Johannus national sales manager.

Warranty & parts

All Global Organ Group organs feature a ten-year parts warranty, with key parts for current and legacy models stocked by Church Keyboard Center.  Other parts are stocked in Hillsboro, Oregon, for ready availability when needed.

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Custom Portativ Organ

Custom portativ 11-stop organ includes built-in 2.1 audio system.

Our new rental portativ organ is a custom-built design developed by Church Keyboard Center.  At the heart of the organ is the Roland C-230 11-stop organ keyboard with a total of 68 voices that includes an 8′ + 8′ + 4′ harpsichord.

The organ includes a built-in 2.1 200 watt sound system.

In addition to our rental unit, we have two more of these custom-built organs available for sale. Both the wood color of the frame and grille inserts is customizable, as well as the pattern of the grille inserts.

Click here to view the Portativ Organ Brochure.