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New Rodgers Videos

The video production team from Rodgers Instruments spent three days in Los Angeles during June 2016 filming and recording at three of our Rodgers Infinity organ installations: St. Sophia Greek Cathedral, Loyola Marymount University, and First Presbyterian Church in Burbank.

The goal of these new videos is to showcase a wide variety of repertoire–from the organ literature to a variety of musical styles for playing hymns, including the orchestral and theater organ voices built in to every Infinity organ.

In addition to the performance videos, testimonials were filmed, plus a couple videos that let you pan around a 360-degree view while the video is playing.  Here are the YouTube links to all these videos.


Performance Videos

Special 360-degree videos

Organ notes for those who are curious: the Infinity 3M organ in Sacred Heart Chapel at Loyola Marymount University is all digital–the reverberation you hear in the recordings is all natural (no digital reverb is added).  The organ at First Presbyterian Church is a hybrid with 17 ranks of pipes supporting 21 of the 84 stops on this Infinity 4M.

The organist featured in all of these videos is Garrett Martin, organist/choirmaster at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Buffalo NY.