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New Johannus Models in Showroom Now

With the addition of Johannus models to our showroom, we have more consoles than ever on display and things were getting crowded in the showroom.  So we’ve reorganized things so that the home practice organs have their own display area in the front office, in an environment more like your living room.  Also on display in this area are Hammond and Roland Classic organs and keyboards.

The main showroom now features just the Rodgers and Johannus church models, and features dual 16-channel audio systems.

OPUS_270_FRONTAALOur first two Johannus organ models are all set up now and may be played.  We chose a three-manual home practice organ with 42 stops, the Opus 370, which features self-contained speakers with five channels of audio.  See more product details here.

Ecclesia D470_FRONTIn the main showroom we have the Ecclesia D-470, a three-manual church model with drawknobs, 65 speaking stops and a 16-channel external audio system.  See more product details here.


Dedication Concert at Burbank Presbyterian Church


Rodgers Infinity pipe hybrid organ, First Presbyterian Church, Burbank CA

Dr. Lisa Ham, organist at First Presbyterian Church in Burbank, CA, will perform the dedication concert on the new four-manual Rodgers Infinity pipe hybrid organ on June 23, 2016 at 4 pm.  The new console dramatically expands the original 20-rank pipe organ and was done in conjunction with the newly remodeled sanctuary, designed by domusstudio architecture of San Diego, known for their modern, light-filled designs.

More information here.

Church Keyboard Center Offers the Widest Selection of Home & Church Organ Options

Products | Church Organs Los Angeles | Rodgers | Johannus | HammThe Church Keyboard Center web site has been updated to make navigating the expanded range of organ builders and models now offered “push-button” easy.  The product section  features links to the wide range of organ models by both builder and model lines.

You can also search available organ models by number of manuals, and church and home models.

With dozens of models to choose from, this ability to focus in on the organ models that are appropriate for your situation or meet specific criteria makes it easy to quickly determine the organ models that are of interest.

Rodgers continues to be the flagship American organ builder that Church Keyboard Center is known for, with more churches in Southern and Central California enjoying a Rodgers organ each week in their worship services than any other builder.

This year our portfolio of organ builders has expanded.  Here is a brief overview of what’s new:

  • Johannus – a full line of home and church organs that feature a European tonal style, including the completely custom Monarke models
  • Makin – standard and custom organs featuring an English tonal style
  • Copeman-Hart – completely custom consoles with high-performance digital technology

With these expanded options, we now have new two-manual organs starting at $13,495, and three-manual home practice organs starting under $25,000.

Please check out our website for the latest product details, including new performance videos.