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New Audio Options–LD Systems

For some time we’ve been looking for an expanded line of powered audio systems that can be used with any of the organs and stage pianos we represent.  Smaller audio systems are often needed in a variety of situations, such as home organs, organ and keyboard rentals and organ installations in small chapels and churches.

Our preference is to deal with a single supplier that can provide a range of systems in various sizes, all of which work well with any of our organs and require minimal “revoicing” for a great sound.

LD Systems MAUI-28 1400 watt vertical array powered speaker tower

LD Systems MAUI-28 1400 watt vertical array powered speaker tower

We have chosen LD Systems as our “speaker of choice” for powered audio systems.  LD Systems come in a variety of form factors, with each available in a range of sizes.

Our favorite is the LD MAUI line of vertical array speaker towers, ranging from 1200 to 1600 watt systems.  These offer the greatest convenience for temporary set ups, with a minimum of cabling and very effective full-range audio.  A single MAUI tower can handle up to about a 200-seat room.

When even more sound is needed, we have the LD DAVE speakers.  This line has four models, starting at 1400 watts, with the largest delivering 4800 watts and featuring an 18″ sub-woofer for very effective 32′ pedal stops.

Church Keyboard Center maintains an inventory of selected LD Systems models.  All are available for rental and purchase.  Various accessories are available, such as protective covers, rolling platforms for the larger sub-woofers, and a variety of speaker stands.

Dr. Tom Mueller to Present Master Class


Rodgers hybrid pipe organ at St. Gregory Episcopal Church, Long Beach CA

Dr. Tom Mueller, music professor and university organist at Concordia University in Irvine, will present a master class for the Long Beach chapter of the American Guild of organists on April 9, 2016 at St. Gregory Episcopal Church in Long Beach, featuring the Rodgers hybrid pipe organ.

Reservations are not required for the event, which begins with breakfast at 9 a.m.  The master class starts at 10 a.m.

The church is located at 6201 East Willow St, Long Beach, CA.

Rodgers Hybrid Pipe organ completed at Ascension Lutheran Church

Lifting the new Rodgers Infinity console into the balcony at Ascension Lutheran Church, Torrance CA

Lifting the new Rodgers Infinity console into the balcony at Ascension Lutheran Church, Torrance CA

Church Keyboard Center, in collaboration with the Kieran Pipe Organ Co., has completed the installation of a new Rodgers Infinity three-manual console at Ascension Lutheran Church, Torrance CA, interfaced with the churches’ existing pipe organ.

The original two-manual pipe organ console had been inoperable for over a year, and the church had decided to pursue a replacement.

The new Rodgers Infinity console greatly expands the tonal resources of the organ, adding a Choir and Solo division, and a much-expanded pedal division.  Additionally, the audio system includes antiphonal speakers in the Chancel area.

PIM2--lo resSeveral of the pipe ranks were not a full 61 notes, which the Infinity organ now fills in with digital notes that are voiced to seamlessly match the pipes.

This is the seventh pipe organ that Church Keyboard Center has interfaced a Rodgers digital console in the past two years using the new Rodgers Pipe Integration Manager.  This “plug-and-play” pipe controller simply plugs into any Rodgers console and is field programmable to enable playing any configuration of pipework.  The Rodgers Pipe Integration Manager is one of the easist, fastest and economical ways to update and expand an existing pipe organ with a new console.