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Rodgers Tonal Revolution

TAO Tonal Revolution AdRodgers Artist and Classic organ models started shipping in January 2016 with new tonal specifications, referred to as the “Tonal Revolution,” which adjusts the specification to be a little more American Romantic.  New product sheets with the revised specification are available on the Church Keyboard web site.

But the real significance of the Tonal Revolution is that the Classic and Artist models now have the same level of sample and audio processing quality as the Infinity models.  Some have wondered why the Infinity models are not included in the Tonal Revolution–it’s because they already have the most advanced level of sample resolution and audio processing that this upgrade now brings to the Classic and Artist models.

This is accomplished completely via a software upgrade, which is available to existing Classic and Artist organs with model numbers ending in “9.”  This underscores the elegance and power of the Rodgers technology platform: it is completely software driven, with the ability to do upgrades like this and add features with a software update that can be done “in the field.”

The first Tonal Revolution model in California was a new Rodgers Classic model installed in January at Atascadero United Methodist Church.  See photos here.

Information for Rodgers Customers


We’re excited about the new possibilities and advantages we can offer our church organ customers as a result of the recent acquisition of Rodgers Instruments by the Vandeweerd family.  Click here to read the official statement from Rodgers.

Additionally, we have a Frequently Asked Questions document that addresses a number of details of interest to customers and others.  Click here to read the FAQ.

Vandeweerd Family Acquires Rodgers Instruments

Roland Corporation agreed to the Dutch Vandeweerd family’s acquisition of the American company, Rodgers Instruments, effective January 15, 2016. As the owner of Johannus, Makin and Copeman Hart, the Vandeweerd family has achieved worldwide success for decades with these three prominent organ brands. The acquisition of the promising Rodgers organization will bring together the best of all worlds.

In the world of organs, Rodgers enjoys the reputation of being a very strong and solid brand. Founded in 1958 by Rodgers W. Jenkins and Fred Tinker, the company has grown to become one of the undisputed leaders in the American organ market. After Rodgers became a subsidiary of Roland in 1988, Rodgers’ position was further reinforced with the development of high-quality organs and its ability to continuously elevate the quality of authentic pipe organ sounds to a higher level. “Thanks to that constant focus on quality and beauty, (says Jun-ichi Miki, CEO & Representative Director) Rodgers has managed to maintain its status as a premium brand up to the present day.”


Rodgers dealers had the opportunity meet Marco Vandeweerd (left), president of Johannus, and John Moesbergen (right), CEO of Rodgers Instruments US, at the Rodgers dealer meeting during NAMM 2016 in Anaheim, CA.

Since 1969 as the parent organization behind Johannus, The Vandeweerd family is the owner of one of the largest organ builders in the world. Johannus is the undisputed market leader in Europe, is number three in the United States, and holds a leading position in emerging markets such as Asia and Africa. The Johannus collection encompasses a very broad range of instruments varying from affordable, small organs for private homes to enormous, handmade organs for churches and concert halls.

As a company that is active exclusively in the digital organ market, the addition of Rodgers will ensure that yet another important piece of the puzzle will fall into place for the Vandeweerd family in its mission to further perfect the top segment of the global organ market. It acknowledges the powerful potential of the strong Rodgers brand, and sees many opportunities to further improve the brand and enable the organization to grow. Rodgers will remain a fully American brand and company. The authentic American sound and quality adds to this rich legacy and will continue to be made in the United States of America.

“We are confident (says Marco Vandeweerd, President) that the acquisition of Rodgers represents an important step on the road to further professionalization and innovation. Thanks to the strength of shared knowledge and experience, a worldwide range of products and services and the common goal of producing high-quality organs for the top segment for years to come, Rodgers’ American sound will continue to resonate in the future.”