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Solutions for Older Pipe Organs

Church Keyboard Center has a long history of successful and cost-effective solutions for aging pipe organs in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California.  This success is attributable to the ease and flexibility of integrating our Rodgers digital consoles with an existing pipe organ, and the experience our team has acquired from having created hundreds of pipe+digital hybrid organs over the past three decades.

If the pipe organ in your church has become a maintenance challenge or has a console that is problematic or unreliable, the good news is that you have more options than simply rebuilding the console.  Rebuilding your existing console updates it to modern standards, making it reliable and adding new features, but it is costly and adds nothing to the tonal resources of the pipe organ.

A new custom-built pipe organ console is a big step up from a rebuild.  Although this is a much more costly proposition, as with the rebuild approach, it does nothing to expand the tonal resources of the organ.

The new Rodgers Infinity console at Burbank First Presbyterian Church added 91 digital pipe ranks to the original pipe organ's 28 ranks.

The new Rodgers Infinity console at Burbank First Presbyterian Church added 91 digital pipe ranks to the original pipe organ’s 28 ranks.

An alternative to a rebuild or new custom-built console is to replace the old console with a new Rodgers digital console.   You get the best of both worlds: your pipe organ combined with state-of-the-art digital pipe organ voices, expanding the tonal resources of your organ by a factor of three or four times, in addition to adding non-organ/orchestral voices that enable the organ to support all worship music styles.

The investment required is typically about the same or marginally more than a new pipe organ console.  This kind of versatility and value is a major reason why a Rodgers digital console is such a popular option for keeping a pipe organ a vital part of a worship music program.

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Special Opportunity to get a Grand-Stage Piano

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor the past couple years we’ve had on display in our showroom a beautiful grand piano shell with a state-of-the-art Roland digital stage piano keyboard hidden inside.  Most people think it is a grand piano until we clue them in.

Lately, we’ve been stocking more Rodgers and Hammond organs on the floor….and we’ve simply run out of room for a piano like this.  It is now available for the package price of $3,995, plus delivery and sales tax.

This is professional level combo–designed for both stage performance and appearance.  Click here to see more details.