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Schantz Pipe Organ For Sale

Our Rodgers organ dealership has a long history of creating successful pipe+digital hybrid organs. Hybrid organs are often the result of adding a new digital console to an existing pipe organ, or adding a modest number of pipe ranks to an existing Rodgers console.

Church Keyboard Center can create a hybrid organ for a church seeking a new organ, but that has no existing  or very limited pipework.

Schantz Pipes

A small portion of the nearly 1,700 pipes available in this Schantz pipe organ.

We have available 21 ranks of pipework built by the respected Schantz Organ Co. in 1979 for a Lutheran church in Los Angeles.  Church Keyboard Center removed the pipes shortly before the building was razed, and has them stored in pipe trays awaiting their new home.

The pipe installation will be customized to your facility, including new wind chests and blower.  The organ will be installed with a new three- or four-manual Rodgers Infinity console, which provides the pipe equivalent of 77 or 117 digital ranks, respectively.  The result is a 3-manual/98-rank or 4-manual/138-rank hybrid organ.

An all-pipe organ of this magnitude would require an investment well into the seven figures.  Building it has a hybrid, using the Schantz pipework, will be a fraction of that amount.  We would be pleased to discuss the prospect of installing this organ in your church or auditorium.  Contact Nelson Dodge directly at 909-599-7899 or by e-mail at

The video below enables you to preview what this hybrid organ will sound like.  Keep in mind that you are listening to the “King of Instruments” in a YouTube video streaming over the Internet, using whatever audio equipment you happen to have on your computer.  It is no comparison with what any instrument, especially a pipe organ, sounds like in a natural acoustic space.  So please understand that the video is an illustration of what can be achieved–the final result in your church will be magnificent.

Click here to see the specifications of the pipework.

Nelson Dodge Helping to Chart the Future of the American Guild of Organists

An upcoming issue of The American Organist will introduce a Vision Statement for the future of the American Guild of Organists.  This “preview” of the future was collectively conceived and drafted by the AGO marketing committee, a newly constituted national committee envisioned and organized by the AGO immediate past president Eileen Guenther.

In the Fall of 2013, the American Guild of Organists formed the national marketing committee with an expansive charter to recommend strategies for growing Guild membership.  The committee consists of four members:

  • Preston Dribble, chair–Organist and Director of Music for Church of the Immaculate Conception in Montclair, NJ; past Dean of the Northern New Jersey AGO chapter; chair of the 2011 Region I & II regional convention; and chair of the national committee for organists on the NPM national council
  • Linda Everhart–music producer/writer/director at PBS station WQED for many years, consultant for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, and currently a producer for TV and video productions
  • Penny Lorenz–founder of Lorenz Artist Management, an artist management firm specializing in organists
  • Nelson Dodge–president and owner of Church Keyboard Center, the Rodgers and Hammond organs representative for Southern California

Following the presentation of the Vision Statement to the AGO National Council, AGO Executive Director James Thomashower commented that it was “the most exciting development he has seen during his tenure at the AGO.”

The marketing committee continues to press ahead.  Currently in development is a survey of the membership aimed at creating a data-driven understanding of the membership that can effectively guide the development of services and programs that translate the Vision Statement into practical benefits for AGO members.