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Pedals Pipes & Pizza Introduces Piano Students to the Organ

On February 23 the Ventura County Chapter of the American Guild of Organists presented a fast-paced Pedals Pipes & Pizza event that introduced over 40 young people, age 8 to 18, to the the pipe organ.  The event was held at Camarillo United Methodist Church, home to a Rodgers three-manual pipe+digital combination organ, and featured organist Dr. Christoph Bull, artist-in-residence at First Congregational Church in Los Angeles and organ professor at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Church Keyboard Center supported the event with the use of a Roland Classic C-330 organ that gave the young people another organ to try out.  Nelson Dodge participated as one of the presenters, talking about how a pipe organ makes sound, and then demonstrating how a digital organ replicates the sound of pipes.

Church Keyboard Center provided “goody bags” for the kids–a pizza box filled with organ CDs and a DVD about the Walt Disney Concert Hall organ.

New Rodgers Infinity Organ Coming to Historic Fresno Church

Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church of Fresno

Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church of Fresno

Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church of Fresno,  the oldest Armenian Apostolic church in the Western United States, is getting a new Rodgers Infinity three-manual organ, to be installed this month by Church Keyboard Center.  The new organ comes at a historic moment for the congregation, as Holy Trinity is celebrating the centennial of the current building this year, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Holy Trinity had its beginning in 1895 when the first Badarak (Divine Liturgy) was officiated by Rev. Aharon Melconian.  In 1913 the congregation’s first building was destroyed by fire, leading to the construction of the present building.  The first Badarak was held in the completed basement of the church on April 12, 1914.

Established in the heart of Old Armenian Town in downtown Fresno, California, Holy Trinity is the focal point of Armenian-American community life, and is part of the Universal Armenian Apostolic Church.  The present sanctuary is the first church in the U.S. built in the tradition of the Armenian church architecture of the 4th to 17th centuries found in historic Armenia.