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Church Keyboard Center Hosts Introduction of New Rodgers Models for 2014

Rodgers Instruments Corporation begins 2014 with an exciting new series of organs featuring magnificent sound and unmatched tonal flexibility, and with a new deluxe option for its acclaimed Infinity Series instruments.

At a gathering of dealers at Church Keyboard Center on the eve of the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, Rodgers unveiled its new Artist Series and Infinity Series Platinum Edition organ models.

From a fine wood tambour to energy-efficient LED lighting, Artist Series consoles are built with the quality materials and craftsmanship that classical musicians expect from Rodgers. Cabinets have the same dimensional stability as the top of the line consoles due to Rodgers’ use of time-tested construction techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Even the pedalboard has a new design that prevents misalignment when the organ sits on carpeting or uneven flooring.

Duane Kuhn, president of Rodgers Instruments, introduces new Rodgers models to a capacity crowd of Rodgers dealers at Church Keyboard Center, Pasadena CA.  Mr. Junichi Miki, CEO or Roland Corp., was also in attendance (lower left).

Over 50 Rodgers dealers and staff attended the 2014 new model rollout at Church Keyboard Center led by Duane Kuhn, president of Rodgers Instruments, and assisted by Hector Olivera and Dan Miller demonstrating the organs. Mr. Junichi Miki, CEO or Roland Corp., was also in attendance (lower left).

The Artist Series flagship, the new Model 4589, is a four-manual organ that offers an incredible combination of sound quality and artistic freedom, with a wealth of tonal resources to meet the needs of any kind of repertoire. The specification of the fourth manual enable using it as either a solo or antiphonal division.  Hector Olivera was on hand to demonstrate the substantial resources of the Model 4589.

The Artist Series also includes the three-manual Model 589 with tab controls and Model 599 with drawknobs, and the two-manual Model 579 with tab controls.

Rodgers President Duane Kuhn also announced that all models of the Rodgers Infinity Series are now available as Platinum Editions. Each Platinum Edition console includes deluxe wooden keyboards with adjustable tracker touch built in Germany by Ulrich Hermann Tastaturbau; mechanical action drawknobs; and a 16-channel audio system. This beautiful combination of features provides a performance experience for the organist on par with any quality tracker pipe organ.

Church Keyboard Center Publishes Power Player’s Guide


The newly published Power Player’s Guide for Rodgers & Roland Organs will be available for purchase online beginning the week of January 27, 2014. The Guide is an expert-level 102-page manual that features step-by-step instructions for using the tonal resources and internal/external memory for all current Rodgers organ models, plus the Roland Classic C-330 and C-380 organs.  It is richly illustrated with photos and diagrams that make it easy to understand the concepts and see how to use the features.

Dodge_NelsonWritten by Church Keyboard Center President Nelson Dodge, the Power Player’s Guide is geared for organists who want to achieve expertise in using all of the extensive tonal resources built in to every Rodgers organ. “If you only pull the stops on a Rodgers organ and look no further, you’ll be using less than 20% of the voices in any of the models–from the smallest two-manual to the largest four-manual,” Dodge said. “The lack of curiosity–or sometimes just plain fear of the ‘technology’–that I observed in many organists that I work with is what inspired me to create this Guide,” Dodge continued.

Exploring and using all of the tonal resources in a Rodgers organ is easier than many organists might imagine.  The Guide seeks to simplify the techniques with clear explanations and step-by-step instructions illustrated with photos that show how its done.

Included in the Guide includes are a variety of tips and tricks from several Power Players, including Dr. Robert Tall, Dr. Frances Nobert, Dr. Fred Swann, Hector Olivera, Dr. Jung-A Lee, Dr. Christoph Bull, Bob Salisbury and Dan Miller.

Please visit the Power Player’s web site for complete information and to purchase online at  The Guide may also be purchased in person at Church Keyboard Center.