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First Installation in Southern California of a Rodgers 558

The Rodgers 558 console in the chancel at Rowland Heights Community Christian Church, with external speakers being installed in the baptistry behind the chancel.

A Rodgers 558 two-manual console, featuring the latest sound technology developed by Roland, was installed at the Rowland Heights Community Christian Church the week before Easter 2011.  The audio system consists of two external full-range speakers that very amply fill the 400+ seat sanctuary. Arthur Lio is the music director. 

Although modestly priced, the new 558 includes an extensive tonal specification: 27 speaking stops, with three alternate Voice Palette organ voices associated with each of the speaking stops, for a total of 108 organ stops.  There are also six MIDI stops—two in each division—that can access an additional 104 onboard MIDI voices, 89 of which are sampled organ voices.

Dr. Robert Tall Performs Dedicatory Concert

Dr. Tall performing on the Rodgers five-manual in Arcadia, CA

Dr. Robert Tall performed a concert on April 17, 2011 on the new five-manual Rodgers organ at Church of the Good Shepherd in Arcadia, CA.  The organ was installed just before Easter 2010.  Dr. Tall’s concert was one in a series of dedicatory concerts that have also featured Dr. Fred Swann and Maestro Hector Olivera.

Dr. Tall’s program included a variety of works that showed off the extensive range of tonal color, including many organ and orchestral MIDI voices.  Robert Hoyt, who handles Client Services for Rodgers Organs | Los Angeles and is also an accomplished tenor, sang two pieces with Dr. Tall accompanying on the organ.